Self-Portraits Serie, 2013/2018 at PhotoSCHWEIZ19

January 2019. Zurich.


When I finally became pregnant in 2013 I made the first portrait about myself. I repeated the same idea every couples of months during 4 years until 2018. I worked so hard as a mother of three young kids and as a professional photographer to achieve this real project.

I loved the idea of repetition in a long period of time. This project is not just about photography, it is also about speaking about Maternity in a different way. I know it is a strong sensitive topic and so many other mums understand me very well. Trying as a professional woman to make a balance between maternity and work/profession. Why one or the other one? Why not both?.

I had the privilege to exhibit this project at the PhotoSchweiz19 where so many friends and guests were very interested in these photos. During the exhibition, a journalist from Zentral Plus wrote an article about this project (visit here) and in the Luzerner Zeitung from the 14th of January some photographs of the series were published online (visit here).


It was a great honour when I saw the photograph of *Myself with my three kids* in the printed version of the Zentralschweiz am Sonntag that Sunday morning! I could never have imagined that this would happen when I registered my project for this photography exhibition.

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